Friday, April 22, 2011

A Big Tease

 I love Spring.  It's probably my second favorite season, after Fall of course.  Everything comes alive.  After months of dormancy and cold you get this taste of color and life.  The sun starts to shine, little green, leafy things start to pop up everywhere and all of a sudden you're whole mood changes.  I love this about Spring.  But the thing I don't love, the thing that drives me bananas about Spring in Ohio is that one minute it's beautiful, green and 70 degrees and then next it's gray, soggy and back down to 45 degrees.  Spring is a big fat tease and it's driving me nuts.  Last week was gorgeous (well, most of it at least).  After months of snow and freezing temperatures, it's like you become a Spring junkie.  It just takes one good taste of Spring and you're hooked; you're ready to steal $40 out of your mom's purse just to bribe the weather man to say it's going to be sunny and a high of 70.  Oh Ohio, why do you have to play with my mind?  I'm ready for bike rides with Antoine and gardening and grilling in the back yard.  Cheese is itching to go to the dog park, to run and play, but it's under water because it won't stop raining. 

Oh well, I guess I just need to be patient.  But the sad thing is, once it stops raining I know that it's only a matter of time until that evil Cincinnati summer is right around the corner.  If you live in Cincy, you know what I'm talking about.  Sticky 90 degree weather that feels like 150 degrees.  Sunburn.  Sweat.  More sunburn.  Bees.  Ugh, Summer.  Sometimes you're nice and fun, other times I think you're trying to kill me!  Please stay away as long as you possibly can.  And Spring, please stop least for a couple more days so we can do some fun stuff outside!  Thank you.

 From our garden.

 Tulips from our flower box.

 Also, in the flower box.

 Gui in the window.

 Spring Grove Cemetery.

 A walk around Xavier/Norwood.

 Cheese on our walk around XU.

Cheese trying to be a cat and look out the window.

Happy Friday all.  I hope you have a lovely weekend, despite all the rain we're supposed to get.  I'm bound to have a lovely weekend and week, considering I recently found out that Antoine won't be flying off to Chicago this coming week!  He gets to work from home all week and I can't wait! 

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Aron said...

those flowers look like such perfect little cups! :)