Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Dog and His Stick(s)

 Over the weekend Antoine, Cheese and I went on a little road trip to southwestern Michigan and did some camping.  This was our first time taking the Cheese-man on vacation with us, but we figured since he very recently turned one we just had to take him with us.  So, how was traveling with a basset hound in tow?  Pretty relaxed actually!  Cheese was on his best behavior...thanks to his new harness that keeps him from pulling our arms off and choking himself (thanks again to Amanda for picking that up for us, you're a life-saver).  He was a perfect angel in the 5 hour car ride to and from South Haven, MI.  He was his natural attention-hoggy-self when it came to walking down the sidewalk and people stopping to pet him.  It was a great vacation for us and him...well, accept for the fact that most of the beaches in Michigan don't allow dogs (but that's a different story for another time).

One of the things we learned while we were camping was that as long as nature supplies Cheese with a stick or two to play with the dog is happy.  Dude LOVES sticks.  Big sticks.  Little sticks.  Sticks in the woods.  Sticks on the beach.  It's a fact...

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Heather said...

Zomg! Those pics are ADORABLE!!! I love the name Cheese - how fun. Thanks for sending me your blog.

Yeah for us new campers!!!