Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More From Michigan

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  It was a bit steamy for my liking.  In fact, since it was so hot yesterday and I refused (for as long as I could) to turn on the A/C Antoine and I spent most of our Memorial day watching tv and napping.  It was kind of pathetic, but what with the heat and our busy weekend it was nice just to relax and do nothing!

I'm still working my way through my pictures from Michigan.  Needless to say I took far too many pictures while we were on vacation (as usual) and about 70% of them were of Cheese.  I'm obsessed, what can I say! 

Anyway, we had left very early Friday morning for Michigan.  It was about five and a half hours to South Haven/Covert Michigan and we planned for frequent stops (what with the Cheese-man in tow).  We made good time, checked into our KOA (finding it relatively empty) and started setting up our tent.  We still had a good portion of the day left so we decided to drive about a half hour south to Grand Mere State Park.  While most beaches in Michigan do not allow dogs (a fact we discovered, sadly, after we arrived) I knew ahead of time that Grand Mere did allow dogs, through my research. Since we were on vacation prior to Memorial day, any parking at state parks like Grand Mere was free! 

The path leading to the beach was quite pretty.  Surrounded by bright green trees on both sides.  Unfortunately, getting to the beach wasn't the piece of cake we hoped for...instead we had to climb several INSANE sand dunes!  But, in the end, it was well worth it.

 The beach was a little foggy and chilly that day, but it was completely deserted!

 Poor Cheese was not a fan of the waves!  I guess that's a good thing, since Basset Hounds can't swim.

But, while he hated the waves he couldn't resist the allure of a good stick.  Even a massive one like this!

 This is what bliss must look like for a dog.

We enjoyed a nice 2 hour stroll on the beach before we decided to head back to our campground to make dinner and rest for the night.  Unfortunately, when it came to sleeping that night...things didn't go so well.  Our pump for our air mattress refused to charge, so we were left to sleep on the very cold, hard ground.  No worries though, on Day 2 we made a trip to the store and bought a manual pump that did the trick.

It was a long day of sleeping in the car, chewing on sticks and running away from waves for Cheese.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Michigan goodness (aka more pictures of a cute basset).

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