Monday, June 14, 2010

Evil Dagger Eyes

There's a certain someone in my household that cannot stand me! And, believe me, the feeling is mutual!

This guy.

It's no secret that Buddy and I don't quite get along. It's obvious that he's my least favorite in the house, and I'm his! There's always been some animosity between us, from the first time he scratched my couch. It wasn't just the action of his claws shredding through the couch's cream colored upholstery, it was the fact that his eyes were on me the entire time...waiting for me to notice what he was doing and get upset. It's that glare he gives me! That f#@k you look on his little cat face that makes me want to drop him on my best friend's doorstep (she loves him) and run away forever!
A couple of months ago Buddy started doing something new...staring at this....


It doesn't matter what I'm doing or what time of the day it is...he STARES!! I can be sitting on the couch with Antoine watching tv and Buddy will sit at the other end of the room just staring at me! Just at me, not Antoine (because he loves Antoine)! It's freaky! He also does it in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. He'll pick a spot on the floor near the door in the bathroom, sit, and STARE. No good can come from this! Now, when I was little my mom let me watch almost any Stephen King movie I wanted and it's a good thing she did because now I know that a seemingly normal cat can, at any moment, turn into this...

Church from Stephen King's Pet Sematary

Do you see a resemblance? I'm definitely going to watch my back and sleep with my eyes open from now on!

So, if you live in the Cincinnati area and see in the news that some woman was attacked and killed by her cat...that's me! It was nice knowing you!

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