Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Louisville Recap: Day Four

Sadly, Monday (aka Day Four) was the day we had to leave our campground and Louisville to head back to Cincinnati. The disassembly of the tent went surprisingly well and before we knew it our car was all packed up. While packing though Antoine and I were feverishly trying to decide where to go for breakfast. Sure, we could stop at a Mickey D's and get some Mcmuffin-thingy, but that's McDonald's are around every corner and we were craving something exclusive to Louisiville! Truth is, we knew what we were craving...and we knew we would need to drive through Louisville to get back home anyway. So, technically, it wouldn't be too out of our way to go back to Lynn's for breakfast! Would anyone really judge us if we did...I mean, you saw the pictures...that food! And it tastes better than it looks! So knowing that, at the very least, we wouldn't judge each other for wanting to go back...it was off to Lynn's Paradise Cafe yet again!

It wasn't nearly as crowded this time. However the same girl was manning the hostess station as the day before so we weren't too surprised when she said, "Hey, weren't you guys here yesterday?" When we bashfully replied, "yeah", we all had a little chuckle and she welcomed us back!

On our second visit our seats were more "front and center" and I was able to get some pictures of the dining area. The day before we were seated in the corner of the restaurant...not ideal for picture taking!

Don't you just love how crazy it is on the inside!? Trees in the middle of the dining room! Vibrant paintings and artwork throughout! Even giant mirrors clustered at the center of the bar area.

Antoine anxiously awaiting breakfast!

Antoine's biscuits and gravy, which he obviously didn't finish because it was such a massive portion...but a delicious massive portion!

I couldn't help myself, I just had to get the scrambler special that Antoine had gotten the day before! It was just too tasty! The only difference was that I asked for homefries instead of fried green tomatoes, because I don't like tomatoes. I end up only managing to finish my eggs and most of my homefries. I buttered and jammed the biscuits and took them to-go for an afternoon snack...YUM!

Again, we were unable to resist the mesmerizing powers of Lynn's gift shop and we had to buy something!! Antoine bought us these little zombie finger puppets and a little tin of bacon flavored mints to share with his friends at work. (Sidenote: the guy zombie (pictured on the left) is now missing his right hand, as one of the cats (probably Guillermo) got a hold of him and decided to bite it off! I'm starting to wonder if the cats aren't zombies!?)

The outside of Lynn's is littered with fun, brightly colored animal statues. Here's some that I missed the day before! If only moose were silver with hot pink zebra stripes...that would make them even more awesome than they already are!

Cute little turquoise dinosaur that reminds me of Baby.

Here's a building just down the street from Lynn's...it's an art supply store (go figure!).

After leaving Lynn's we were on our way back to the highway when we spotted an antique mall and figured what the hey, let's stop in and check it out! It was a pretty substantial antique mall with a ton of awesome junk, but in the end we decided to get these bowling pin salt and pepper shakers! Apparently, now we are collecting salt and pepper shakers! But please, do NOT get us salt and pepper shakers for Christmas, birthdays, or just because...we don't want to be THOSE people!

So, that was Louisville! I had such a great time and was sad to leave (except I did miss Gui really bad! He, however, didn't miss me as much!). Antoine and I will definitely be going back and visiting again in the future! There's so much to do in Louisville and it's such a fun, artsy city, which I wasn't expecting! It's very clean and the people are friendly! The downtown is far superior to downtown Cincinnati, for sure! And, the super bonus, it's only a two hour drive way! And if you drive a little bit farther...you get whiskey/bourbon...for FREE! Can't beat that!

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