Thursday, June 3, 2010

Louisville Recap: Day Three

Day three (aka Sunday) was our day of rest! After a crazy busy Saturday exploring downtown Louisville, I left the agenda for Sunday pretty open...including time to sleep in! After sleeping in and some much needed showering we were starved and ready for our first stop of the day: Lynn's Paradise Cafe (aka heaven on earth!).

This is only a glimpse into the awesomeness that is Lynn's! It's wildly and wonderfully eccentric, and damn, they've got some GOOD food!

BEHOLD!!! Antoine was smart enough to get one of the delicious specials...and unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. But I do remember the menu stating that it was featured on one of Bobby Flay's Food Network shows (and even though I think he's a major douche)...I thought that was pretty cool. Scrambled eggs with roasted red peppers, Jarlsberg cheese, and ham, topped with onion straws and accompanied by fried green tomatoes, a special garlic Parmesan mayo (for said fried gr. tomatoes), and an enormous biscuit (which came with butter, sorghum butter, and delicious strawberry jam). Oh my, it was so delicious....I can't even properly describe it!

I, being the pancake lover that I am, opted for the Crunchcakes. It's two gigantic pancakes made with cornmeal and whole wheat flour jam-packed with homemade cinnamon granola! Yes please! These pancakes were different from your normal, everyday texture and flavor! They were quite tasty!

The thing about Lynn's is everybody and their mother in Louisville knows it's that place gets packed. We got there around 10:30am and had a 45 minute wait. But the time just flew by since the waiting area is also a gift shop filled with a variety of fun gadgets, gizmos, t-shirts, and wacky hats and sunglasses. Antoine and I, of course, got sucked in and had to buy something.

Once I saw these adorable little salt and pepper shakers I just had to get them! And for under $7, they were a steal! I just love them! As soon as I got home I emptied our old salt and pepper shakers, filled these guys up and put them front and center on the kitchen counter!

After gorging ourselves on the delicious food at Lynn's we decided to roam around the area before we headed to our next stop. Lynn's is surrounded by a couple really great vintage shops and boutiques, and I highly suggest exploring them if you're in the area. There was a fantastic little boutique called Regalo next door where I picked up two new pairs of earrings (ice cream cones and owls). Then at the Nitty Gritty we perused a great selection of vintage clothing, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. After exploring the local shops we made our way to the Speed Art Museum. The museum's general admission is free (with donation suggested), however we were interested in their special exhibition, The Most Famous People in the World: Karsh 100, which was $10 each.

The also had a Contemporary Glass exhibition going on while we were there. I absolutely loved this colorful and interesting!

So gorgeous! I can see why Louisville loves glass so much!

The Yousuf Karsh exhibit, which consisted of black and white photographs of famous politicians, artists, authors, scientists, humanitarians, actors and musicians, was very powerful and beautiful. Some of my favorites from the exhibit included:

George Bernard Shaw

Georgia O'Keeffe

Ansel Adams (one of the only portraits where the subject was smiling)

I have to say, if it hadn't been for the glass exhibit, the Karsh exhibit, and the Andy Warhol pop art (particularly the Dracula) as you entered the museum, I don't think I would have enjoyed the Speed Museum that much. The rest of the museum was okay, but not I'm glad we went when we did.

After the Speed Museum we decided to make our way back to our campground. Days before we had seen all these signs for the so-called "Most Awesome Flea Market in the World", located just one exit south of our campground. Feeling adventurous and having a good portion of the day left we decided to check it out. Now, I grew up going to flea markets with my grandparents and Antoine and I have been to a couple together. So, it's fair to say that I know my way around a flea market. And this flea market is NOT the most awesome in the world. I was definitely underwhelmed! I've been to better! We got there around 1:30pm and they didn't close until I wasn't expecting it to be as sparse as it was. To me, it was all a bunch of crap...nothing really peaked my interest...except the tiny brown blue-eyed Dachshund puppy for sale (that may or may not have been from a puppy mill)! It wasn't a total bust though...I got an ice cream cone and Antoine got some fries.

After the lack-luster flea market we stopped off at a pretty decent nearby antique mall! We didn't find anything there either, but it was fun to look around at all the cool stuff they had. Then we headed back to our campground to lay on a blanket in the grass, enjoying some fire cooked hot dogs and tasty s'mores! The perfect end to a fun, yet fairly relaxing day.

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