Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Alone + Exhaustion = Freaky Freaky Nightmares

Clarification: When I say "home alone" I am, unfortunately, not referring to the 1990 Macaulay Culkin classic...
God, I loved that movie when I was little! I could identify with Kevin, not because my parents left me home alone, but because I too had an affinity for plain cheese pizza!

No, I'm talking about being home all by my lonesome. Antoine's parents and brother live in northern Kentucky, about 40 minutes away from us. Well, his mom and brother left Wednesday to drive down to Texas (where they are from). So Antoine is staying with his dad, who is semi wheelchair bound (from a stroke), until they come back. That leaves me home alone with just the cats to keep me company (while I text Antoine every other minute). And, when I say "keeping me company" I mean Missy hiding away somewhere about 95% of the time, Gui following me around and randomly licking my feet while I'm in the kitchen and then attacking one of the other cats, and Buddy staring at me! It's...interesting! And very lonely!

Anyway, since Antoine has been gone I've noticed that I've been having nightmares, weird freaky nightmares! Wait, you deserve a little background on me first. I am notorious for not having dreams/nightmares. I chalk it up to being an incredibly sound sleep with no memory whatsoever. So, even if I do have a dream I'm not aware of it, most of the time that is. So when I do have a dream and I remember it is quite the momentous event for me! Except when it comes to nightmares...because I'd really just rather not remember those!

A couple weeks ago I started having these weird serial killer dreams where this Halloween/Ed Gein-esque killer was after me and my family. They were the kind of nightmares where you wake up thoroughly freaked out and wanting your mommy! Not fun. But then they stopped (whew!)...and I slept peacefully for a week or so until Wednesday night (my first night home alone). Then came the spider nightmares! Now, normally I'm not all that scared of spiders (unlike my sister who is deathly afraid), I'm afraid of silly things like squirrels and birds pecking my eyes out (thank you Alfred Hitchcock!). Well, these dreams made me a little wary of spiders from now on. In that one night I had two separate nightmares...both involving evil attacking spiders! The first involved Antoine and I finding this dead tarantula. We thought it looked cool and decided to take it home (wtf?)!

Now, why in the hell would we want to take this home?? Even if it was dead!

So, where driving back home and all of a sudden I notice this tennis ball sized welt on the side of my face. And what do you know...the "dead" spider was missing from the center console where it had been sitting, supposed "dead". Somehow, once we got home it followed us into the house and, long story short, was finally killed in a showdown between it and Buddy! Not just normal, run of the mill creepy staring, in my dream Buddy had samurai like skills and was actually attempting to protect yours truly! Baffling, I know.

The second of the spider nightmare was very much like the movie Arachnophobia, which I haven't seen since I was probably 13 years old. I remember two things about that movie...1.) being thoroughly freaked out and not being able to sleep for a couple of nights afterwards and 2.) how amazingly funny John Goodman was as the off-the-wall exterminator, Delbert!

I think John Goodman is freaking awesome!!
Now I don't remember much of my Arachnophobia nightmare, but I do remember the spiders being very similar to those in the movie...and very deadly. And unfortunately my dream did not include the likes of Delbert to rescue me from the spiders (nor samurai Buddy).

A couple nights after my spider nightmares I proceeded to have a VERY strange dream that I'm not even going to tell you about because it was so disgusting. Trust don't want to know! Luckily I haven't had any more nightmares since then, but my sleep has been very crappy lately...and I blame it all on Antoine and his absence from the household! It's weird how you get so used to a routine and how not having someone there can throw everything out of whack. I'm looking forward to tomorrow (when he comes home) so much!! I can't even express how excited I am to have him back in the house with me! I've missed him!

Sidenote: Now I desperately want to watch Home Alone and Arachnophobia!

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