Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Dog & His Stick, A Boy & His Bubbles

Last Friday Antoine and I decided to have a little picnic in Ault park with Cheese.  It was lovely.  We had banh mi sandwiches from Pho Lang Thang while Cheese sat near our feet munching on carrots.  I had brought along my camera (and new 50mm lens) and one of those bubble wands that you see at Target for $1.  My intention was to snap some pictures of Cheese playing/attacking the bubbles.  He's never experienced bubbles before so I figured he'd flip his sh*t (in a good way).  But sadly, not so much.  Instead Cheese was distracted, yet again, by a stick...

 Dude loves a good stick!

Like, hardcore loves a good stick!

"My stick!"

So, lesson of this experiment...bubbles + Cheese = total boredom!  Luckily, all was not lost.  While Cheese could care less about the bubbles floating around his head and had his eye on that tasty, deliciously bark covered stick...Antoine seemed to think the bubbles a pure source of joy!


"What are you looking at?!  I don't like bubbles.  Where would get a ridiculous idea like that!?"

"Just kidding...these bubbles are the shit!"

*Antoine: please do not hate me for posting's just so adorable I couldn't resist!

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Heather said...

I just tried the bubbles with my dog too! She didn't care much about them when we were camping - but now at home - she loves them. Less distractions I guess.

Love the picture of Cheese winking!