Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Monuments

 Tuesday, after I was dismissed from my workshop at LoC, Antoine and I decided to spend the evening touring the monuments on the National Mall.  We planned to make our way from the Smithsonian Metro station to the Washington monument, the World War II memorial, Vietnam Veterans memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the Korean War Veterans memorial, the FDR memorial and the Jefferson memorial.  The latter two were the ones I was most interested in seeing...since I hadn't ever seen them up close before.  Unfortunately, by the time we made it to the Lincoln memorial we were soaked with sweat and drained of all our energy.  We were able to see the Korean War memorial, but didn't have the energy to walk around the tidal basin to the FDR or Jefferson memorials.  I guess that just means we'll have to go back to DC sometime in the future...when it's not over 100 degrees outside!

 Washington Monument

 World War II Memorial, the newest of all the memorials and monuments (however, come August 28th, the MLK Memorial will be the newest addition)

 There are two larger pillars/arches on either side of the fountain, one says "Pacific" and the other "Atlantic"...depicting the two theatres of the war.  Each of the smaller surrounding pillars has the name of either a state, territory or district that participated in the war and a wreath above the inscription.

 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Statue just outside of the the Vietnam memorial

 Sadly, the reflecting pool that sits between the World War II and the Lincoln memorials was under construction and completely drained and dug up.  Antoine was a little bummed, since he had never seen it in person and it is just a prominent and infamous part of the Mall.  Still, the Lincoln memorial was hopping with people.

 The Korean War Veterans Memorial is probably my favorite of all the memorials.  I think it's the most emotional, with it's platoon of statue soldiers in full gear, making their way across the memorial.  This monument gives all Korean War Veterans and lost soldiers a face, which I find moving.  I remember when I visited DC in the 7th grade on a class trip, this was the memorial that stood out to me the most...and it still does.

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