Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Museums and Arlington National Cemetery

Since the workshop I was attending at the Library of Congress took place Monday through Friday, Antoine and I decided to make use of the my free plane ticket and some hotel rewards points we had from his consulting and turned my business trip into vacation.  We stayed in DC the weekend before and after my workshop, trying to see as many sights as we could without completely melting in the blistering heat and humidity.  In our first round of sightseeing we went to a couple of Smithsonian museums and Arlington National Cemetery (note to self: never go to Arlington National Cemetery, or any place where there is relatively little shade and tons of walking, when it's nearly 100 degrees outisde).  Here are some of the highlights...

 The underground tunnel between the two wings of the National Gallery...complete with moving sidewalks and twinkly walls and ceiling.

I apologize for Antoine being out of focus, but I wanted you to get a better idea of the awesomeness of the tunnel!

 The Smithsonian Institution building (also known as "the Castle") was the home of the original Smithsonian.

 Inside the Castle

Arlington National Cemetery

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