Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend in Instagram

 I take way too many pictures with Instagram.  Hell, with my iPhone in general!  It's a problem I have.  I'm getting help.  Anyway, here's the gist of my weekend...after a hellish week at work and at home (our cat Buddy passed away suddenly) it was nice to have a somewhat relaxing (although hurried) weekend with Antoine!  I worked at the tea house on Saturday for a bit, which is always good times.  We grilled out, A made blueberry crumb bars (which were AWESOME, and I'm looking forward to having one when I get home), I made blueberry pomegranate popsicles (using pomegranate Greek yogurt and making a small dent in the crazy amount of blueberries we have left from blueberry picking), and I started packing for our trip to DC next week.


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