Thursday, October 13, 2011

Before and After: 50s Cabinet

One of the things that we had in our dining room prior to our little revamp was this crappy little sideboard thing my parents had given me years ago...

It's totally my mother's style.  Lighter, cherry colored (fake) wood with little leaf hardware and country touches.  Although it wasn't my thing, it worked well for holding all of Cheese and Gui's stuff and made a good spot for Gui's food (so it's off the floor and Cheese can't eat it).  But I didn't like it and was longing for something different, potentially something we could refinish and make a little crazy. 

After some searching we found this 1950s style cabinet with an enamel top on it.  The top was fairly scratched and the main part of it was this gross cream color, but we immediately saw it's potential.  After some stripping, painting, spray painting and a ton of hard work (mostly done by Antoine) we have a new cabinet that we are completely in love with. 

 If you can't tell in the pictures, the old color was cream and the new color is white (to match the existing white on the enamel top, our curtains and molding).

 Sidenote: most home improvement stores do not sell fuchsia or magenta spray paint.  But Plaza Art Materials does, along with a ton of other amazingly fun colors.  And it's reasonably priced!

I think Gui is liking his new table, although he doesn't quite get the concept of me trying to take a picture of him in front of his name on the wall. 

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