Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fungus Among Us

Anyone who knows me knows I despise mushrooms.  Hate them, in fact!  On the list of my least favorite foods, mushrooms are right up there with mayonnaise and veal.  Bleh!  Seriously, when I eat anything containing a mushroom bad things happen...mainly with my face.  It's like a cross between the face a 4 year old would make if you made them eat a brussel sprouts and what I imagine Mr. Hyde looks like.  Not pretty.

Anyway, a curious thing happened last weekend while Antoine and I were walking through the woods in Yellow Springs...I found myself mesmerized by the all the mushrooms and fungi around us.  I'd never really paid attention before, but they're all really kind of awesome.  They are all so different and interesting looking.  I still have no desire to eat any, but it makes me appreciate them in a new way.


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