Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in Instagram...

 ...when your best friend in the world comes to visit (aka my HLP), all the way from Cleveland.

 The pre-arrival of said HLP will look something like this:  pajamas, Basset Hound snuggling, and How I Met Your Mother watching...

After around 9pm, your best friend will arrive and there will be much jubilation...namely from the previously zonked-out Basset Hound.

Since the boyfriend will be watching the world series on the living room tv, you will tell your best friend that you two will be resuming your four year long Dr. Quinn marathon upstairs in your bedroom.  However, your relatively low-lit bedside lamps and the wine on either night stand will set a strangely romantic mood that you will point out to the boyfriend when you say, "It looks like I'm trying to get lucky with Amanda".  But your HLP, being awesome, will laugh and you will proceed cross two more horrific DQ episodes (we're on the last season...and it's not pretty!  Well, except for Sully....Sully is pretty!) off the list.

 Oh, and Gui will snuggle right in between you and said HLP during the DQ marathon and wine drinking in bed.

 The next day you will go to the Halloween tea at your sister's tea house.  Your HLP will look adorable in her cowgirl outfit and at the very last minute you will put together a costume after much nagging from your sister (I love you Michelle!).  Having had brie and baguette earlier in the week and deciding you love French people mainly only because they invented these two wonderful decide to honor them by going to tea as a French person.  Complete with permanent marker stache!

After tea there will be some unsuccessful shopping for an electric blanket, because the boyfriend and HLP are babies and you refuse to turn on the heat in your house.  Then, you and your HLP will stuff your faces full of glorious cheese fries from PRC.  Then you will both, being nearly comatose, cover yourselves with many blankets and watch How I Met Your Mother until dinner time rolls around.
 During this time, Cheese will fall asleep on your lap and look completely adorable, as per usual.

 The next day, before lunch, you and the HLP will take a little itty-bitty walk around Eden Park where trees appear to be on fire!

And spider webs are filled with little rain droplets instead of spiders.

Then, after a delicious lunch at Ambar your one and only HLP will make her way back to that far far land to the north and you and the Basset Hound will proceed to mope...

The End

I had a fantastic weekend full of good friend-time and too much delicious food!  I hope that you all had a equally wonderful Halloween weekend.  Stay tuned tomorrow as the beginning of November brings NaBloPoMo where I will blog EVERY-FLIPPIN'-DAY!  Eek!

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