Friday, October 14, 2011

"Green Rugs Make Me CRAZY!!"

Living with a basset hound is a special thing.  Especially when that basset hound happens to still be in his puppy-phase.  From manic outburst to practically unconscious in a matter of minutes.  It's actually pretty hilarious most of the time.  Well, except when someone comes over and he decides to flip-the-shit-out and run around like he's on crack flavored candy.  Yeah, that's not so great.  But most of the time the spastic personality of a basset hound is an awesome thing.  You never know when a mood change is going to happen...except when it comes to carrots.  Carrots = extreme focus + palpable excitement.

Last Sunday, while Antoine and I were finally putting together our dining room we found out just exactly how said basset hound will react to a bright green rug.  Bright green rug + basset hound + fluffy cat = crazy shit-storm of manic awesomeness.  I don't know if it was the color that threw him into madness or that the rug was new and hadn't been there before, but as soon as we rolled out that rug Cheese started to go ape-shit.  He decided the rug was HIS and he wasn't going to share it's spectacular fantasticism with some stupid fluffy cat!  Here's how things played out...

 "This rug is MINE, you silly cat!"

 "You hear me?!"


"Oh yeah, cat, I almost forgot about you in my manic fury.  Beat it!"


 "Hey owner, you think this is funny!?"


And after about five minutes a manic chaos, barking at the cat, rolling on the fun, running in circles...he passed out.  Oh the joys of having a basset hound!

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Heather said...

He is the best dog ever (well next to my Mysty). Love your posts about him!

Funny cat story that it reminds me of - my ex and I were putting the stick-down linoleum in his kitchen and doing a black/white pattern with it. Ivy - our fat cat - would NOT walk on the black squares! I guess cats have no depth perception - so to her it was like a hole in the floor.

Seeing that fat cat try and get to her litter box was a HOOT! She would just look up at me with desperation until I picked her up and carried her over to it!