Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Instagram

 Cheese enjoys it when we clean off the loveseat.  I think having his own couch makes him feel special.

 After he refused to sleep in his new bed all week, Antoine moved it over 3 feet to the left and now Gui loves it!  What a weirdo!

 Me, sporting my new Rx sunglasses and a Heidi braid (for the first time)...on my way to tea.

 There's a chill in the air...that means it soup time.  Thai chicken noodle to be exact.

 One of my favorite Fall activities is picking pumpkins, so naturally two other autumnal activities I adore are carving pumpkins and watching horror movies.

Cheese thought he should help with the pumpkin carving.

Here's a couple of the pumpkins Antoine and I carved.  And we've still got a couple more to do.

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