Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Inspiration for #29

When I was growing up I always had long or longish hair. It was always, at the very least, past my shoulders. I chalk this up to my neighbor/hair-dresser telling me at the ripe age of ten that my face was "too fat" (her exact words) for short hair! What a sweetheart, right? Anyway, when I got to college, my freshman year I decided to chop off my (breast length) locks and donate them to Locks of Love. And in the process I told the stylist (who was actually my sister's stylist) to chop it off! We're talking above the chin! It was probably the shortest I had ever had it...except for the time I was seven or eight and someone decided that I'd look cute with a bowl cut, when really I just looked like a little boy!

So, for the past seven years my hair has been consistently about chin length. Every time I went to the salon I'd ask for the same exact cut...

That's me on the left (with HLP on the right and mutual friend Krista in the middle) with my "textured, angled bob, stacked in the back" standard cut for the last seven years.

And in the last seven years any time my hair has approached my shoulders I freaked out and immediately had it trimmed! And every time I have attempted to grow my hair out for locks of love (or a similar organization) I have went to the salon for a simple trim and walked out with a "textured, angled....blah, blah, blah". That is, until now! The last time I visited a salon (which was a couple of months ago) I walked in, sat down, and told the stylist, "I just need a trim, I'm trying to grow my hair out! So, if half way through cutting I tell you to chop it all off to my chin PLEASE ignore me!" And she listened! Now my hair is all the way to collar bone and I have no urge to chop it all off! In fact, I'm really excited about growing it out and being able to cross #29 (and eventually #30) off my life list. And this time I want to grow it out longer than I've ever had it before!! After seeing this "how to" post yesterday from Orchid Grey I desperately want to grow my hair out SUPER long so I can do a Heidi braid! Check it out...

Her hair is SO long, but maybe I can do it! It's just going to take a while though...I'm only half way there!!

I would love just to be able to braid my hair like that and leave it! It's so simple and pretty!

I mean, come on, how flippin' cute is that!

I can't wait! I wish I could make my hair grow faster!! I also want to learn how to french braid and get really good so I can f.b. my own hair! I just need someone to practice on in the meantime...unfortunately Gui's hair just isn't long enough! And my HLP, who is pretty much my only friend with ridiculously long locks, now lives two hours away! Damn her!

Anyway, happy Thursday folks! The weekend is almost here!


Anonymous said...

No more ridiculously long locks for me. They took 7 inches off yesterday! :)


wonderousclusterf#@k said...

NOOOOO! Say it isn't so HLP!! You said you were just getting a trim!? Who will I experiment on with french braiding now?? Michelle's hair is short again, and Helene's never an option! Damnit! I guess Antoine's going to have to grow out his hair (and you know better than anyone how much I dislike long hair on guys!). UGH!

Christian said...

The offer stands for me to teach you how to drive a stick.

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

As soon as I only have one job I will so take you up on that offer!! I seriously do want to learn, but I want to have time to focus on it (and I don't right now!). Thanks brother!