Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ooo La La

Antoine and I aren't the most high class of individuals! Now, I'm not saying we're hillbillies or anything (nothing against hillbillies...I grew up around a ton of them). We're just laid back, no frills type people! I'm cool with that. The last thing I want to be is a snob...especially when it comes to food! Hell, I enjoy cheese fries from PRC (aka MFPRC [to the locals...guess what the "MF" stands for] or Pleasant Ridge Chili [to those not in the know]) as if it was the nectar of the gods, but I'm always up for trying something new. So, it shouldn't be surprising that Antoine and I happen to read a variety of Cincinnati food blogs! The main blogs I read on a semi-regular basis are:
These blogs, and word of mouth from friends, have led us to try a number of new (at least to us) and exciting places in the last year. They've also led me to make a list of the restaurants I want to visit, yet are ever so slightly out of our usual price range or out of our comfort zone (as far as how upscale/elegant/refined/fancy-schmancy it is...this is more me than Antoine). So, I share with you my list; a list I hope to surmount sometime in the [near] future (aka maybe in the next year...with any luck):[Note: this is in no particular order...totally random!]

So readers...have you been to any of these places? What did you think? Overrated? Awesome? Are there any places you are dying to try?

Sidenote: Other places I want to try but haven't due to timing (aka they're only open when I happen to be working or I forget about them till it's too late):


Christian said...

I'd skip Chalk. It used to be the whip when Jean-Robert was involved, but it is now nothing to crow home about.

The Senate was alright. Those duck fat fries are worth the trip alone, but avoid the lobsta BLT.

The Precinct is everything it is cracked up to be. You'll pay a fortune, but the steaks are top drawer and the service is grand.

We've not been to Honey in a while, but I was never disappointed. The braised short ribs stand out.

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

Good to know! Maybe I should sub Jean-Robert's Table for Chalk then?

Antoine's already promised that we're going to the Precinct once he gets promoted!

May I suggest that the four of us not only go to the Rookwood together, but perhaps Mayberry as well!? Michelle mentioned that she's been wanting to go there.

Christian said...

Works for me. Count us in for Table too. I'm 100% on board for anything Jean-Robert.

(oh, the verification word was "Stank." Nice.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christian, for a swank night out for steak, The Precinct is excellent & worth it. I don't eat steak but Jon and his family do and they enjoyed theirs a lot. We had excellent service also. I forgot what I had there (salmon possibly) but I remember I enjoyed it and the side dishes were amazing. Lovely ambience too!

I've been to the Rookwood once in its latest incarnation and I liked it a lot. I had the goat cheese apple salad and it was great. My parents had burgers and liked them and thought they were good. They have lots of tasty snack things too like deviled eggs, chicken wings, etc. and great mixed drinks. I found it comfortable and very nice. I have always loved that building and location too.

I haven't been to Mayberry but have heard really good things about it. I think you all will like it!

You might wish to add to your list Pitrelli's Italian Cafe in Mason? Jon's Dad Jim Cartledge is one of the chefs/co-owners. Sometimes Jon's sister Kelley is a waitress. If you tell them Jon Cartledge & Susan May sent you they will treat you rather well! It makes for a nice date night. You do most likely need a reservation on weekends. Closed Mondays.

Sadly I did not get stank as a verification word. I got lecli. wtf?


wonderousclusterf#@k said...

Thanks for the recommendations Susan! My mouth is watering after reading "goat cheese apple salad"...YUM!! And Pitrelli's looks very tasty! We'll have to try it sometime!