Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Falling In Love (All Over Again)

We've had Cheese for almost two months now! Hard to believe! He's getting so big...last week he weighed in at 22 lbs at the vet (last night he weighed in at 24lbs!) and his feet and ears just keep growing! He's also doing really well with his training. While he still has accidents in his crate and has occasional issues with excitement peeing, he's getting really good at letting us know when he needs to go outside! Cheese isn't really much of a barker, but when he needs to go outside he'll come up to us and bark at us. And he's actually quite a good listener for only being 4 months old. When we say "no!" or "no bite!" he understands and almost always stops! Oh, and the magic of his listening abilities when it comes to food time and his crate. When it's time for Cheese to eat he sits over by the container that holds his food, he sits and waits for the food to drop into the bowl before he lunges for it! You can even wave the food in front of his face but he won't move a muscle until it hits his dish! And anytime we want him to go into his crate all we have to do is say "Go to your crate" and he runs for his crate...100% of the time! It's pretty impressive!

So, it's not hard to see why Antoine and I have been wrapped up in all things Cheese related, what with training, teething, playing, cuddling, and vet visits. And with all this attention on Cheese it's understandable to place less focus on the cats. I mean, let's face it, cats are just easier! They're more independent, especially when they're not kittens anymore! Don't get me wrong, we're not neglecting our cats, but when they are upstairs trying to avoid the puppy that wants to lay on them there's less opportunity for kitty snuggling (here I am referring only to Guillermo, since neither Buddy or Missy are the cuddling type)! Frankly, I just haven't seen Gui as much as I usually do! He's usually always in my face, wanting to be pet and loved, but until last week he hasn't felt comfortable enough to walk around the house freely, what with the Cheese-man ready to pounce on him!

Now, things are finally getting back to normal! And I'm falling in love all over again with my sweet, adorable Guillermo! Man, I love that cat! He's just a big mound of furry love! He's finally back to following me around the house, keeping me company while I get ready in the morning, cuddling with me on the couch and talking to me in his weird little chirpy meow that he has...and I'm in heaven!

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