Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So far my diet is going really well! I've lost 7 pounds so far. I'm really loving myfitnesspal, it's really nice to just to just enter in what you eat and not have to worry about counting points or any of that nonsense! Plus it's nice to have the support of friends and family! I finally convinced Antoine to join as well, which is good because it's always easier to diet when the person you're living with is dieting as well! I still haven't quite mastered the concept of regularly working out...but I'll get there, I promise!

Every time I diet I think of the future, what the thinner me will be like. It's that dreamer in me that just can't stop imagining the future (please, refrain from vomiting, if you can!). It's weird to think of yourself as different, but it's also exciting to think of the possibilities! Here's some of the things I plan to do WHEN I reach my goal weight...

  • Buy a new wardrobe of non-plus-size-clothes
  • Buy a dress/skirt that isn't floor length (I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts, and if I do they are always of the long variety...let's just say I'm not a fan of my legs, they're very pudgy and very white)
  • I'm going to get a super cute haircut that's unlike anything I've had before...maybe with bangs or the part off to the side?
  • I'll buy something from one of those really cute stores in the mall that have all that trendy crap that I can't fit into!
  • I'll go to a vintage store and buy something cute...that's not jewelry or a handbag (apparently there were no plus-size girls way back when, or if there were they all wore horribly hideous clothes that vintage places don't want to sell!)

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