Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Couple of Promises

Well, it is officially November!  You know what that means, right!?  NaBloPoMo...where I will attempt to blog every single day for the entire month of November.  This year, when I was deciding whether or not I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo I kept going back and forth.  I mean, it's a big commitment.  But, in the end I decided to participate because in the end, it's ultimately a good commitment.  After doing it last year, I have to say, it made me feel good.  I felt like I had really accomplished something.  Sure, not all of my blog posts were stellar...in fact, most of them weren't.  But I felt good afterwards.  It felt nice to actually complete something, for once.  As a serial non-finisher, it's a big deal for me when I complete something that I don't have to complete.  You know what I mean?  Anyway, here's my promise...I will blog everyday in November.  I can't guarantee that every post is going to blow your mind, but I've got some slightly decent ideas in the works.  And there will be pictures!  Not everyday.  But part of my reasoning for participating in NaBloPoMo is to get myself more accustomed to carrying my camera EVERYWHERE.  Lately, it's been an after-thought for me and I've been kicking myself for that.  So, here's hoping NaBloPoMo will push me to take more pictures.

So, there's my promise to you...a post everyday.  Now it's time to share with you another promise, one from Antoine.  After my lovely HLP headed home this weekend Antoine and I proceeded to finish watching IT (the horribly wonderful Stephen King miniseries about a creepy-ass clown and a bunch of losers who try to vanquish him using a sling-shots and an inhaler).  Just as the movie came to an end, Antoine eagerly flipped on the Cowboys game.  Being Texan, born and raised, the dude likes his Cowboys games.  However, being a person who never had any interest in any sort of sporting activity, I do not.  So, after I made a series of disgusted faces and mumbled something about "I thought we were going to watch Cujo next!?"  Antoine let these magical words slip out of his mouth, "If I can watch this game right now, I promise we will do anything AND everything you want to do next weekend!"  And with that, a gigantic smile formed on my face!  And soon after, once Antoine realized what exactly he had just promised, a very sad frown formed on his face.

My mind immediately started racing and I soon informed him of all the horribly despicable things I intended to make him suffer the following weekend.  The list looked something like this:
  • Absolutely no sports, of any kind (this is when the frowning started)
  • A fuzzy hat shopping spree, financed by Antoine
  • A menu of only pizza, all weekend! Breakfast, lunch and dinner!!  (Antoine doesn't like pizza nearly as much as I do)
  • A marathon of horrible animated movies from my childhood, I think the My Little Pony movie was the first I mentioned (followed shortly by a very evil laugh)
Needless to say, the power kind of went to my head!  Do I actually intend to make Antoine suffer and endure all of these things...no, probably not.  I'm not that evil.  But I do thoroughly intend to hold him to his promise, so here are some of the real ideas I have in mind for this weekend:
  • Very little sports watching!  Maybe some flipping to football during commercial breaks while watching something that we both might like
  • Union Terminal, Antoine's never been and I've only been once
  • A mini-marathon of something awesome, like horror movies or Breaking Bad
  • Pizza from Jets, but not for every meal...just one pizza (aka two meals)
  • A fuzzy hat shopping spree, financed by Antoine!  Dammit, I really want that hat!
  • A trip to Goodwill or a thrift store, I've got a special DIY crafty-thing in mind!
  • Maybe a walk, if it's nice out
  • Yagoot, it's one of my favorite sweet treats but Antoine doesn't crave it as often as I do!
I don't think that's too horrible, right?!

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