Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Endings

This past Friday was Veterans Day, which meant that I had the day off from work.  It was also 11-11-11 and the day of my long time friend Johlene's wedding.  Johlene and I have been friends since birth.  We're 6 months months apart in age, and our mother's were best friends and lived right next door to each other while they were pregnant with us.  So, it was fated that Johlene and I would be inseparable, and we were until my parents decided to move five years old.  We moved from Elyria to the middle of nowhere Ohio, nearly an hour away, but still remained close friends throughout childhood and into puberty.  We've still kept in contact all these years, mainly when I would come home to visit my parents and Johlene would cut my hair (she's a hair stylist, and a darned good one).  For years she was in a pretty committed relationship, and then three years ago she bravely ended it.  She finally realized that she wasn't getting what she needed out of it, that she wasn't being appreciated or adored the way she should be.  Then she met Ben.  And before you knew it, they were engaged. 

Since Johlene is a family friend it was only natural that my entire immediate family was invited to the wedding.  So, Saturday Antoine and I drove up to northern Ohio to meet up with my parents and my sis and brother-in-law to witness Johlene and Ben's nuptials and celebrate.  I'll get to the celebrating later, because there was far too much of it...on my end!  But for right now, here's some shots of the happy couple during their first dance...

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