Friday, November 4, 2011

The Many Faces of Cheese

Because it's Friday and there hasn't been nearly enough pictures of the Cheese-man this week I present you with the many faces of Cheese...

 His "what's happening? why are you taking pictures again" face

 His "I'm being smothered by my Aunt Amanda and I'm half Asian on my Dad's side" face

His "I'm a basset hound and love makes me tired" face

 His "now I'm just bummed that Aunt Amanda left me (with you people)" face

His "wait, are you going to give me a carrot out of pity?!" face

His "Dad, if you don't give me a bite of your dinner I'm going to act CRAZY!!!" face

His "Alright, I've given up the tough guy act because I'm really a weakling, but don't you still want to give me some of your food because I'm so flippin' adorable?!" face

Happy Friday all!  I hope you have some fantastic plans in store this weekend!?  Don't forget to check in Saturday and Sunday for additional posts since it's NaBloPoMo!  A little hint: they will be of the furry friend variety!

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