Saturday, November 5, 2011


Basset hounds are special in oh so many ways!  They are droopy and lazy and klutzy.  They sleep approximately 18 hours a day, give or take.  They love food, food that doesn't belong to them and isn't from a pet store.  They have their own special smell, that even after a bath doesn't seem to go away.  In general, they are awesome!  It's a fact.

Now, I don't know if this is true about all basset hounds or not but I know it is 100% true of Cheese: he likes to throw temper tantrums, awesome spectacularly funny temper tantrums.  Generally these little tantrums stem from either wanting more food, wanting to go outside (and stand in the rain) or wanting attention.  Usually these Cheesy tantrums begin with absurd growling and thrashing around.  And then he will proceed to bare his teeth.  Now, if another dog, let's say a pit bull or a rottweiler or even a great dane, were to do this it would seem slightly terrifying.  It would seem like you had Cujo right there in your living room.  But when it's a lazy lump of a basset hound doing it, and all their teeth baring, growling, and thrashing around is interspersed with's really just hilarious.  And when Cheese puts on these rather comical shows of his extreme toughness, Antoine and I can't help from laughing and instigating him further.  Because, really!?  Come on!  It's just fun.  So, generally we will either ooh and aah at just how tough he is (note: he does not enjoy our sarcasm) or one of us will put our hand in front of his ferocious, steel-trap of a mouth and see if the beast will rip a chunk of flesh from our arm.  This is always what happens...

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Heather said...

that was HILARIOUS and my dog gave the crooked head "WTF" look at the computer...omg LOVE LOVE LOVE