Monday, November 28, 2011

Long-Weekend in Instagram

A rare tantrum-free, peaceful moment!

Sporting my new $10 mustard cardigan (that I've been in search of for over a year), just before we left for Thanksgiving lunch at Antoine's parent's house.

After T-giving lunch I went up to change back into my pajamas and found this adorable furrball in our bed.

 Behold my favorite Black Friday purchase! 

 And maybe my second favorite Black Friday purchase, Cheese's new Gumby shirt!

The first cream soda I've had in years!  And it was delicious!  Deliciously bubbly.

 Nothing quite like watching Big Bang Theory with a basset planted on your lap!  Good times!

The Saturday morning sunrise was pretty spectacular!

 Saturday, after a major bout of laziness, I finally managed to put up the tree and stockings.  I love our tree!

 On Sunday my wonderful sis invited us to tea!  She's the best!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving...the leftovers!  YUM!

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