Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Has Gone to the Dog...and the Cat

I don't know what it is about putting your pets in costumes that's so much fun, but I can't help myselft.  And they hate it!  Well, except when I give them treats while they wear and model said costumes for approximately one minute while I snap some very quick shots...that's how we roll in the Ebert-Tran household.  In the end, I decided making Gui and Cheese pose in their costumes for treats is really what Halloween is all about!  Kids (or furry kids, in my case) get dressed up in uncomfortable costumes that they want to rip off while adults "ooh" and "aah" over them and give them goodies for being such good sports.  Oh Halloween, you are a fickle mistress...but I love you!  The only downside to furry-kid Halloween, as compared to regular kiddy Halloween, is that at the end of the day I don't get to steal any treats from Gui and Cheese!  I mean, I could, but they'd taste like liver or salmon...bleh.  No thank you.

Some my call it animal cruelty, but I just call it cute! 

Now, for the bloopers...aka the pictures with tongues flying:


Cameron said...

They look so freaking adorable! Whitney and I go nuts with the pet costumes every really does make up for not being able to go out trick or treating!

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

I know, it's so addictive and adorable...I just wish they were as into it as I am! We already bought two more costumes for Cheese for next year, a shark and a pirate hat!