Friday, October 29, 2010

Addicted to Apps

iPhones are awesome! And needless to say, I've got a little bit of an app problem! As in, I've already downloaded too many and I can't seem to unhinge myself from my iPhone. It didn't help that I had multiple iTunes gift cards that had been collecting dust for the last year and now all of a sudden I have a use for them! Besides the Scene-it? Horror, which I cannot stop playing for the life of me (well, not any more since I've already answered all the questions on it), Retro Camera Free is my new favorite app (and it was free, yo!). It's one of those things that's pointless and simple yet ridiculously fun...I heart it!

I'm sorry, but retro Cheese is just too cool for school!

My little nerd heart is just going pitter-patter here! Eeek!

Our house...converted into one that looks like it could have been in Halloween! I promise Antoine is not standing inside holding a knife or chainsaw though.

Getting my geek on with my new ridiculously oversized $10 prescription glasses! My HLP is going to hate them, I already know!

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