Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello peoples! I hate to bring you this unfortunate news, but I is MONDAY! Ugh. I'm sure you are as distraught and downhearted as I about this sad revelation. The weekend went far too quickly! And besides a delightful tea-time at my sister's tea house yesterday (it's rad, you should go there!) and a gluttonously delicious dinner with Antoine at Walt's Barbeque (it's finger-lickin'-good) the weekend was full of work and not enough fun! But, I have something to cheer everyone up, including myself...

It has become customary for bloggers nowaways to feature cool giveaways now and again! If you follow Pioneer Woman or A Cup of Jo you'll know that giveaways are commonplace. Hell, sometimes these wonderful ladies even feature multiple giveaways in one week. Then again, they have thousands and thousands and thousands of followers/readers so it makes sense. But, that's not to say that the run-of-the-mill, everyday blogger can't feature a giveaway too! Sure, I might have the lowest number of followers in the history of blogging, but oh well, that doesn't make me feel any less left out! I want to give away crap too, dammit! I appreciate the few readers I have as much as the next person...actually probably more. I love you guys and I'm so glad you stop by every so often and actually spend time to read my posts and look at my annoying pictures of my animals! So, bring on the giveaway!

I thought long and hard about what I should give away here. It needed to be relatively inexpensive, since I'm not exactly rolling in the dough. And it needed to be something I would want to win in a giveaway. Something that meant something to me; a gift that was personal while also slightly cool. Also, I wanted to convey a little bit of myself in the gift...I wanted it to be a little piece of me and what I love. So, I decided to make a book.

Handcrafted by yours truly, for one lucky reader. The book is roughly 8" by 8", with blank white text paper, perfect for journaling, sketching, or writing down you favorite recipes. The endpaper is beautiful handmade paper, but not handmade by myself...but by a professional. It is hand sewn by myself with tapes (to give it a tad more structural integrity). It's a quarter binding, meaning the spine and a small portion of the cover boards are covered in bookbinding cloth and the rest of the cover consists of marbled paper. You may remember the marbled paper...

I made it during my marbling workshop almost two months ago. And trust me, it's much prettier in person and on a book than in this picture.

Giveaway rules:
The giveaway will end on Wednesday October 13th at noon (EST). Any comments received after noon (EST) will not be counted.

To enter, simply post a comment below answering this question:

If you were stranded on a desert island, what book or movie would you take with you, and why?

Oh, and please supply you email address, so I can contact you if you win (no worries, I won't pass it onto anyone else!)

I will only count one comment per person. Anyone is free to enter, the more the merrier! The winner will be chosen at random using

Also, it is not required that you become a follower of my blog or follow me on twitter, but I would really like it if you did! And I might even be eternally grateful to you and your affection, and thus consider sponsoring more giveaways in the future [*wink, wink*]!

**You may have noticed that I did not include any pictures of the completed book in this post. This is mainly because I want the gift to still be kind of a surprise for the winner! Sure, they will be getting a book, and they know that, but they won't know exactly what it looks like until they receive it in the mail and unwrap it! It's more fun that way!

Have a happy day (even if it is Monday)!


meeyeehere said...

Hey,I would love to be counted in you giveaway! I am follower number 6!
If I was on that Island I would take the movie Schindler's list(cause I would know it could always be worse) or the book Wart and Peace because I have not read it and it is a very big book so I would have something to do for a long time if I allowed myself only 10 pages per day.

antoine tran said...

I'd take the movie, Office Space! It's a movie I never get tired of, but we'll see if I'm on an island if that stands true!

Christian said...

Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. No question.

TeaCozy said...

Twilight, the entire series
Love, your sis

Anonymous said...

I would take the Bible, for multiple reasons. 1) I've never read the whole thing and probably should, seeing as how it's important historical literature; 2) it's super freaking long and would take up a lot of time; 3) whenever I had trouble sleeping on the lonely desert island, I could just turn to the parts in Genesis where everyone begets a million kids and I would get so bored I'd sleep like a log!


Adam Claxon said...

I missed the deadline (stupid homework), but I'm commenting anyway:

Leslie Cabarga's Logo, Font and Lettering Bible because It's amazing and gorgeous. I would then spend the rest of my life designing logos in the sand.