Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello There!

I gots an iPhone bitches! Hells yeah!

I feel like I've just been invited to a fantastic party that the 21st century is throwing! Sure, I'm showing up [somewhat fashionably] late, but oh well. Now, before you go thinking I'm all kinds of fancy and's refurbished (aka like 50% of what you'd pay for a brand new iphone, but it still looks new!) and it's the 3GS, not the iPhone 4 craziness. I'm so excited! It's been practically glued to my hand since I got it in the mail yesterday. It's shiny and beautiful (and I may have drooled on it, just a bit). Oh, the gadget love! Right now it is naked, but my *custom designed case should come sometime next week! I feel like a crack-addict on Vine (or "a kid in a candy store" for those not from Cincinnati).

I hope you all have fantastic weekend plans!? We're heading north to my parents house with the Cheese-man. Antoine will be visiting some of his best buds in Youngstown and I'll be making a trip to the dentist, my favorite Chinese place, and my grandparent's to visit. I'll hopefully also be hanging out with one of my bestests that I don't get to see very often and who recently got herself an adorable little puppy as well! Yay, puppy play date between the Cheezers and little Wesson! Happy Friday folks!

*When I mentioned custom designed case to my (60+ year old) coworker, he thought I was referring to a case in binding terms (aka a cover) and told me I should have just made my own!

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Christian said...


When my contract on this piece of shit phone is up, I am going to ritually destroy it and get a droid or iphone or something that actually works once and a while.