Friday, October 15, 2010

New Favorite Lunch Spot

Over the past month or so I've been making my way downtown during lunch about once every week. This is unusual for me, since I work about 10 minutes from downtown and I'm widely known for being a person who packs (my lunch, that is). But I just can't help myself, and neither can Antoine (who happens to work downtown). We're hooked on this fairly new sushi place called Soho Sushi.

Now, I'll admit I'm generally not one to go nuts for sushi...but this place hits the spot and I just can't get enough! It's inexpensive, friendly, quick and, my most favorite part, geared towards variety. I call it the Subway of sushi places. It's a very create-your-own-roll kind of place with a good number of options (and many non-raw options), and my favorite part...they've got a non-seaweed wrap option. Seaweed (aka "nori") is the thing that I hate about sushi. Something about the taste/texture wigs me out...but then, Soho Sushi to the rescue with soy wraps! They're these soy based, bright green wraps that don't have much of a taste (compared to the overwhelming taste of nori) and I love it! Finally, I can enjoy sushi!

So, on that note, I'm off to meet Antoine for sushi! Happy Friday you guys! And if you ever find yourself downtown for lunch...check out Soho, it's mighty tasty!

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