Monday, October 25, 2010

Doggy Wrestling

This weekend Antoine, Cheese and I made our way three and a half hours north to my parents house. I had a scheduled visit to my dentist to get a cavity filled (yes, I still go to the dentist that I've gone to since I was 10 years old), a visit my grandparents, and some quality time with one of my best friends planned. The ride up was a piece of cake (as was the ride home)...Cheese pretty much slept the whole way. The icky cavity business went well (my dentist is a genius, fyi), although I despise when my right side (or left for that matter) goes numb for three to four hours. Not pleasant.

Saturday night Cheese and I drove to Wooster to visit my best bud from high school Manda, her husband Russ and their new puppy Wesson. It was a good time; I got to see Manda, who I haven't seen in almost a year and Cheesy got to play/wrestle with another puppy! As soon as we walked through their door the puppy wrestling began. And it continued for 2+ hours and it was hilarious! They were just a roaming ball of energy, fake snarling, jumping, wrestling goodness. After about two and a half hours they were both pretty much pooped...

My apologies for the not-so-stellar iPhone pictures.

Then there was silence for a little while they laid around the living room playing with ice cubes and various toys.

Then they got their second wind (miraculously) and this time the wrestling got a little bit rougher. All of a sudden Wesson, with his razor like baby teeth, had a hold of one of Cheese's massive ears and was tugging! Cheese tried a counter attack, but unfortunately, unlike himself, Wesson has very small ears and a nub for a tail. Needless to say Wesson, the younger puppy nearly half Cheese's size, was clearly the winner of this puppy battle. And poor Cheesy was the obvious loser, walking away with a couple of bloody gashes in his ear. You may call him a wimp, but I call him a lover (not a fighter).

I think he had a good time, despite the war wounds. And we really enjoyed that he proceeded to sleep for the entire day on Sunday!

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