Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Big Guy

We've had Cheese for over 3 months now! For some reason that just doesn't seem right, seems like it's been longer. It feels like we've been through so much with him already...two trips to my parent's house, a series of vaccinations, the snip-snip of his little balls (and subsequent era of the Edwardian collar), and numerous trips to the dog park. In the last three months he's gotten so big! He's no longer that little 10 lb puppy we brought home one Monday evening...

Awe, look at how itty-bitty he is here! This was taken the day we got him, when we stopped at a rest area on the way home so he could go potty. Such a little baby!

Now he's over 35lbs and still growing...

He's definitely still a puppy, but he's looking more like a grow-up dog everyday! An impossibly adorable grow-up dog with enormous feet and never-ending ears! Who gives you this sad-face about 75% of the time! [His other face is a version of this one, just more sleepy!]

One thing hasn't changed...he's still so cute! We can't go anywhere without someone stopping us and telling us how handsome he is or that they've never seen a basset his color before. He's a character for sure...curious (always investigating with his nose), cautious, silly, clumsy, hopelessly friendly, calm, and easily distracted.

And he's oh so cheesy!

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