Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We got a puppy! He's a nearly 10 week old basset hound named Cheese! And so far we're crazy about him! I'll post more about him later (and Antoine's birthday which is tomorrow and will most assuredly involve fun with the Cheese!), but for right now I leave you with this...

My favorite things about Cheese so far:

Those eyes!

He's forever sleepy!

Those wrinkles! And those enormous paws!

Those big ears that he just can't stop stepping on!

How easily distracted he is by a toy!

How he has little spurts of energy and then it's gone in a flash and he just plops down on the floor!

That face...how could you not love it!?

Sidenote: Getting Cheese means I get to mark off another thing (#4) on my Life List!

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