Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Trees and Happy Memories

Last night, as Antoine and I were getting ready for bed, Antoine was flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch for a couple minutes before we fell asleep. As he was passing through the public television stations I saw a familiar face and I practically screamed, "WAIT!!!.........It's Bob Ross!".

I adore Bob Ross! To me he's the epitome of awesome! But I am biased...I basically grew up with him. When I was little I would spend most of my summers with my grandparents (my mom's parents). They lived about an hour away from us in Elyria, Ohio...where I was born and where my mother happened to work at the time! Between the ages of probably four and ten I spent countless hours at my grandparents. My days were filled with old people cereal for breakfast (raisin bran, total, mini wheats), Tang, the Price is Right, Days of Our Lives, Swimming at their development's pool, learning how to make pancakes or pepper soup, painting sea gulls with watercolors, learning to cross-stitch or crochet, and so much more! Sometimes we'd go meet a friend or two of theirs at Farmer Boy; it was the type of restaurant that screamed "elderly people welcome", but they had grilled cheese, so I was happy. About once a week we'd even go to the local flea market, which back then was still pretty nice! And we'd, of course, always watch Bob Ross paint his "happy trees" and "quiet mountains".

It's this day I have a special place in my heart for Tang, Bob Barker, flea markets, watered down onion soup from Farmer Boy, making grilled cheese sandwiches with a dash of garlic salt, Bob Ross and all those other things I mentioned above. I look back at those summers as the best summers of my life. I think about how much I learned from my grandparents, how much I grew, and how much those summers shaped who I am today. Thanks to my grandma I know how to make the perfect pancakes and crochet an afghan. And whenever I see a piece of cross-stitch or one of those claw crane machines filled with stuffed animals to try win I think of my grandpa. And every time I watch Bob Ross nowadays I'm reminded of those summers and the wonderful things my grandparents introduced me to. But most of all, Bob Ross' quiet, peaceful, and happy demeanor and his love for painting and creative things makes me think of my grandma! She is one of the most special and caring people I've ever known and I am forever indebted to her and the knowledge and wisdom she shared with me when I was growing up!!

Anyway, back to last night and watching Bob Ross. There's just something about him that makes you feel so happy...

Maybe it's the way he transforms a blank canvas into a beautiful landscape, all the while urging you to try and forever encouraging his viewers!? Or maybe it's the afro!?

Maybe it's his propensity for compassion (he was known for taking in sick/wild animals and nursing them back to health) and his ability to view life in a positive and exciting way!?

It's those things, and so much more, that make Bob Ross amazing! It's his little phrases like "happy clouds" and "quiet trees". His positive attitude that states there are no mistakes just "happy accidents". No wonder the guys on Peep Show (my favorite UK tv show that known for being rather raunchy and slightly crude) refer to him as "God". On his tv show, and in his life, he was the ideal human being...quiet, friendly, kind, compassionate, peaceful, creative, humble and entertaining. Plus, that fro is awesome!!

So, happy Friday folks! I hope you a fantastic day and a relaxing/exciting weekend!

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Christian said...

And, he's the perfect Sunday morning hangover/comedown remedy.