Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Year Old

Now, being the crazy cat lady that I am and embracing that as I do, it is only natural that I devote an entire post to my cat's "birthday". So brace yourself folks...

About ten months ago Antoine and I, having just recently bought our first house, decided to adopt this adorable little kitten I found on His name was Gordon, he was oh so fluffy and I immediately fell in love with him. I wasn't having the name Gordon (really, who names a cat Gordon?) so we decided to call him Guillermo (I know, you're thinking "who names a cat Guillermo!?" Me, that's who!) or Gui, pronounce like "Gee", for short.

Here's a picture of Gui from the first night we brought him home!

He's really quite a sweet kitty, he was just playful as a tiny kitten!

Guillermo immediately became our little baby kitty! We adored him (and still do). He would follow us around the house, fake meowing because when he was little he couldn't meow so he'd open his mouth and nothing would come out!. It was incredibly cute! We decided that he was probably born in mid-July, so we declared that July 14th was his birthday...a week before Antoine's birthday and a week after my friend Amanda's cat's birthday (she also a crazy cat lady). So, today is his first birthday...and in that year he has grown so freaking much! Here's what he looked like when he was about 3 months old...

Look how tiny he is!!

Now he is a big mammoth of a cat! All fur and chub with stubby legs! And ever so clumsy!

Antoine calls him his "big guy" and there's a reason for it...he's huge! Gui has out grown both of our adult cats, Buddy and Missy. And we think/fear that he's still growing...

Look at that face, how could you not be crazy about him! And he's so soft!

I just don't understand how some people don't like cats! They're just so interesting and unique!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Gui! I hope yours is better than Lucy's in which we left her alone all day, then were too tired to do much but give her some treats when we got home. :(

-Amanda (who has momentarily forgotten username/password and so must sign in anonymously)