Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hola Fruta!

Y Veggies (my attempt at Spanish...very sad indeed)! Last night we received our free Farm Fresh delivery bin that Antoine recently won in a giveway! We were pretty excited about it, not only because we've been wanting to try out Farm Fresh's services, but also because it was FREE!! When I got home around 5pm our bin still hadn't arrived, but then, as I was letting Cheese out and Antoine and I were talking in the front yard, the heaven's opened up and the delivery truck pulled up in front of our house! The delivery guy was very friendly and explained that we just leave our bin on the front porch when we are done with it and they'll pick it up on their next delivery!

We eagerly went inside and unpacked our goodies...

Sweet corn, green beans, assorted potatoes, sweet onions, apples (two different kinds), nectarines, bananas, strawberries, assorted peppers, and broccolini!

We immediately popped open the strawberries and tried them out! Delicious...very sweet! Then we made dinner: grilled chicken, grilled sweet corn, and steamed broccolini. Yum! Antoine and I had never had broccolini before (that's part of the reason why we subbed it for tomatoes, to try it out, and also because I HATE tomatoes) but we absolutely loved it! It's a little sweeter than normal broccoli. We are now HOOKED! And the corn...oh the corn! So sweet and so massive! And we've got four ears left of it! Yay!

After experiencing Farm Fresh delivery, albeit only one solo bin, I would definitely recommend it to others! Namely, those people, like myself, who don't have a ton of spare time to hit Findlay Market every week! In fact, we are actually considering doing this on a regular basis! We need more fruit and veggies in our lives...and the fact that it's local/organic just makes it even more appealing! It's definitely a really neat concept and I think our bin was totally worth the $35 (well, that it would have cost...if it weren't free)!

*For those of you who are lost and confused, regarding the title of today's's sherbet! In fact, Hola Fruta makes my most favorite sherbet EVER...all natural pomegranate and blueberry! It's amazingly delicious! That is all!

Happy Thursday my fair readers, all three of you!

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