Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Pictoral Math Equation

A generous helping of puppy chow (that Antoine made) for breakfast


An iced venti french vanilla latte (that's 3 shots of espresso and a whole lotta sugar folks)


Another small handful of puppy chow (for a pre-lunch snack)


A good night's sleep (I worked at sbux last night)


The usual 6:15am start to the day



Sage advise from a woman who's learned the hard way...beware of sugar my friends! It tastes delicious, but, in the end, it will only kick you in the ass!!

Oh, and happy Wednesday that feels like Tuesday!! We're one day closer to the weekend my lovelies (see, the sugar has seeped into my brain and I'm starting to call you by ridiculous names...BEWARE)!!

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