Friday, July 30, 2010

Craigslist Finds

Wednesday night, after receiving our fantastic bin of fresh fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh delivery, we made our way to Anderson to pick up a crate for Cheese! We've been meaning to start crate training Cheesy, but forking over $100 or so right off the bat, along with food, a bed, toys, dewormer, etc, etc, etc, didn't seem too appealing! So what did we do...looked on Craigslist! Antoine and I love Craigslist! We get/sell a lot of stuff on there...hell, that's where we found each other! HEY, stop judging us! Anyway, Antoine found this sweet, nearly brand spanking new (seriously, no signs that it's ever been used) Midwest icrate that generally goes for about $110 at Petsmart....for $30! Yeah, that's right, 30 bucks!! Insanity! It's a large sized crate so it'll be perfect for him when gets older, but it also have a divider so we can adjust it to fit him now! Perfect! And it folds up very easily, making it a breeze to transport! One guess what will be going with us this weekend to my parents house!

This is obviously not Cheese...he is neither elderly nor Golden Retriever! [via Petsmart]

So, what does Cheese think of the crate?? Well, I was a little nervous about it, truth be told! Some dogs can be very resistant to crates, especially whining little babies like Cheese! But I think the Cheese-man likes it! We set it up in the living room and immediately put up the divider and placed his bed and some toys in there. He didn't seem to mind it! Then when he fell asleep on my lap just before bed I swooped him up and put him in his bed and locked the crate. When we went up to bed, no crying or whining from Cheese. Same thing at 2am and 5am when we let him out to go to the bathroom! Now, hopefully I didn't just jinx myself and it stays that way!

Also, yesterday I ordered Cheeseball this super cute ID tag off of Etsy...

Hello, my name is Cheese! [via Etsy]

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