Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reunion Weekend

This past Friday Antoine and I (and Cheesy) made our way up to my parent's house in northern Ohio for a family reunion. At the same time, not too far behind us in their car, was my sis and my brother-in-law. We tried to leave Cincinnati as early as we could, since we were all going to be camping in my parent's backyard and would need adequate time to assemble the tents and unload the cars before it got dark. Turns out that having a puppy in tow and working two jobs, thus having no time to pack earlier in the week, really slows a person down! In addition, traffic sucked! We were at a standstill just north of Columbus for a good 40 minutes or so, but Cheese did so well on the car ride up (and back to Cincinnati for that matter). He pretty much slept the whole time, and when he wasn't sleeping he was pretty quiet and well behaved in the backseat! Around 8:30pm or so we finally got to my parents and luckily we were able to get the tent set up before it got too dark.

The weekend was nice. It was great to be off from Sbux and to see family that I haven't seen in years! Best part of the weekend though, for me, was when my Dad finally got to meet Cheese. See, my Dad is a dog guy! He bred and raised Great Danes for almost my entire life and now he's got a completely spoiled miniature pinscher named Byron.

Sidenote: Here's one of my favorite pictures of Antoine and Byron...from last Christmas!

Anyway...so when I told my Dad we got a Basset Hound puppy I knew he was going to be excited...in fact, he immediately started calling him "his grandson"! So, Friday night when Cheese bounded toward my Dad there was no question it was puppy love at first sight (Cheese has that affect on people). And just like a spoiling grandpa would Dad had a bag of toys waiting for Cheese...including a squeaky duck, a minty chew bone and a red rubber chew toy. Cheese adores the duck...I think it might be his new favorite!

Cheese also got to meet Byron, which he was both excited and nervous about, as Byron wasn't 100% into this new puppy up in his business! There was a minor squabble when Cheese tried to share Byron's food...but besides that it went fairly well! Maybe after a couple more visits they will be fast friends. Who knows. Cheese was on his best behavior and that's all I cared about!!

Here's Cheese being a perfect angel, sleeping away, on the way to Mom and Dad's house!

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