Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday Fun-day...Findlay Market, BBQ, and Cheese Time!

After an exhausting and fun day at the paper marbling workshop we had plans to have a somewhat relaxing Sunday with my sister and bro-in-law and two of their friends. We had originally had plans to go canoeing on Whitewater River in Indiana, but so many couples canceled that, in the end, only the six of us were left. So instead of canoeing, my genius bro-in-law had the idea to smoke some ribs at their place and have a generally chill-time hanging out, drinking, and eating!

First though...we all made our way down to Findlay Market for some goodies we would need for the backyard BBQ. And of course, Findlay Market means Dojo least to Antoine and I! We got our usual pint of half Vietnamese Coffee and half Sea Salted Caramel. Michelle and Christian (aka sis and bro) walked away with two pints! And Kit and Andy (aka super cool friends of sis and bro) also took home a pint.

Mmmm, I love thee!

After mass shopping at Findlay, Antoine and I went home to let the Cheese-man out and take a little family nap together (we were still recovering from Saturday, and I guess Cheese was recovering from missing us on Saturday!) After the nap, we headed over to my Michelle and Christian's (with Cheese in tow) to do some more relaxing. Since their yard is almost completely fenced in, and ours is not, we were able to let Cheese run loose in the yard! He loved it! We threw his ball around and he was running all around the yard like a mad/happy dog! I have photographic proof of the complete joy Cheese experienced from running around the yard acting like a total puppy...

This is now my new favorite picture of Cheese! Look at that tongue!

After an hour or so of puppy playtime, I made my way to the kitchen. My sister was making some of her famous coconut rice pudding while I was making a special salad to go with the ribs (but more on that later). When I was done, Cheese was thoroughly pooped, so Antoine and I took him home to go to bed and we got freshened up for dinner (it was like 110 degrees out, with humidity and everything, so I was in desperate need of a shower!). Good thing my sis lives about 2 minutes down the road from our house...makes things handy!

When we got back, the ribs and chicken were almost ready...

My bro-in-law was like a school boy on crack...he was so excited about his smoked ribs and homemade bbq sauce! And with good reason!

Look at that insanity! Wowzers!


Christian had gotten the ribs and chicken at Findlay Market and you can taste the difference...local/organic is always tastier! I'm a wimp so the ribs were a bit too spicy for me, but the homemade bbq sauce was fab and the chicken was fan-freaking-tastic! Yum! A perfect end to the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Christian has achieved total BBQ rib/chicken mastery! That all looks amazing! YUM! :) Your salad looked great too and Cheese is so awesomely cute!