Monday, August 9, 2010

Walk in the Park...Err, I Mean, Yuppie Residencial Neighborhood

This weekend Antoine and I pretty much had opposite schedules...mainly Antoine worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at his part time job and I worked Saturday morning at Sbux. The main upside to this was that I got to spend some quality time with Cheese! Friday night he was not in the most pleasant of moods...puppy tantrum and accident fest '10. But Saturday and Sunday he was an all around sweetheart and good dog! There was much snuggling on the couch and napping by the two of us and it was fantastic!

It's funny how you get a puppy or kitten and they start off so small, but as they get older and bigger you can only notice the change in waves. Because I'm around him so much it's hard to notice that he's growing. It was only when I lifted Cheese up into my arms to take him down the stairs this weekend (he had just woken up from a nap and didn't want to go down on his own) that I realized just how much he's grown! Now he seems so big, compared to when we got him three weeks ago...but at the same time, he's still so small! Before I know it though he'll actually be bigger than Gui (aka, the enormous cat who we suspect to be, at least part, Maine Coon). Oh, here's some pictures of Cheese with his new ID tag (sorry they're not the's very hard to get a good picture of him, unless he's sleeping!)...

Isn't it just adorable!? It's so original...I love it (and Etsy!).

Anyway, yesterday morning Antoine and I had a little bit of time together before I had shopping plans with a friend (= good times) and then Antoine had to head off to work. So we decided to get breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Montgomery, which was delicious! Then we stopped home to pick up the Cheese-man to take him on his first official walk. Cheese's walk experience has been confined to our small street, rest areas along 71, and roaming around (always on a leash) in my parents yard (about 5 acres). But he's never been for a real walk...until now! We loaded him up in the car and headed over to Mariemont, an idyllic residential area about 15 minutes from our place! I used to live there about three years ago with Amanda, and it was my favorite areas that we lived in! And now it's one of my all time favorite walking spots in Cincinnati, because it's quiet, safe, very few cars on the road, and there are lots of trees! Plus, there's usually not a ton of people around...just the occasional resident out for a walk/job or strolling along with their dog(s). So it seemed like the perfect place for Cheese to take his first walk since I didn't want him to be too distracted/overwhelmed and until he gets all his boosters I don't want him to be around too many dogs.

Here's Cheese in the car on the way to Mariemont! He looks a little grumpy because he just woke up from a nap!

Antoine and Cheese strolling along in Mariemont! Cheese was pretty good on his leash, even though he wanted to smell EVERYTHING (that's a Basset Hound for ya!)!

Awe, this is just too cute! His ears were all dirty by the end of the walk, from being drug on the ground and occasionally stepping on them!

Stopping for a little break...he was already pretty tired! Good thing we only did a short walk!


Christian said...

That pic of A & C is two houses from my folks.

wonderousclusterf#@k said...

I know! I usually park in that little parking lot by the baseball field and then walk past their place to the overlook area! It's my general route! Every once in a while I'll even see your folks!