Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skip's Bagel Deli Review

Antoine and I don't frequent the Mason area (aka Field's Ertl exit) very's just far enough away that it seems too far away. But every once in a while we'll drive north to the Field's Ertl exit to go to JC Penney and/or the non-weird Walmart (I don't care for the new one on Red Bank). Last Wednesday was one of those days. Antoine had a JCP gift card my mom gave him, of course (she works at JCP...and has for many many many years), for his birthday...and I'm not one to pass up a trip to JCP (it's the place I grew up shopping at and I even worked there throughout high school and off and on in college). We decided to head up there after work, do some shopping and then grab something to eat. A while back one of Antoine's work friends had recommended Skip's Bagel Deli, saying they had the best breakfast sandwiches EVER (I was skeptical, because, as you may already know...Antoine makes the best breakfast sandwiches EVER). Off to Skip's we went...

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures while we were a picture of the bag will just have to do!

Unfortunately we got there about 30 minutes before they were going to close. We were afraid that they might not be serving there regular sandwiches anymore and we might just have to settle for a bagel and cream cheese. But when we asked if we were too late, they were very nice and said "Of course not!" We ended up not getting a breakfast sandwich, since we were pretty hungry from all that shopping and wanted some more substantial! And that's what we got! I got the Dagwood (sans tomato and ham) on an oat bran bagel. It was so freaking good! There sandwiches are made with Boar's Head meats, so it was super flavorful! The banana peppers were fantastic and added a lot of flavor to the sandwich. And the bagel was tasty, great texture and not at all dried out like I was expecting it to be (since we got there so late). And it was enormous!! I only ate half of my sandwich there, and ended up taking the other half for lunch the next day! Oh it also came with a side, I got pasta salad, but I wasn't a fan...there was way too much dressing on it! Antoine got a sandwich that I think was called the Crosley (I think? Or maybe, the Ranch Club, who knows!); turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and ranch. He wanted to get it on the honey wheat bagel, but they were out so he settled for the honey wheat bread instead (he said it probably would have been best on the bagel, although the bread was ok). He liked it, but after trying mine he said he wished he would have gotten that! For his side, Antoine got the potato salad, which he liked.

I loved my sandwich so much that I started to crave it the next day (note: this isn't unusual for me, I'm worse than a pregnant woman with the cravings I get). So, when Saturday came around and we had to take a packed lunch with us to Columbus for the marbling workshop I thought why not stop by Skip's on the way and pick up some sandwiches (plus we were out of bread for PB&J sandwiches)!

So, Saturday morning we stopped at Skip's around 7am (when they opened) and got breakfast and lunch for the day. For breakfast I got a chocolate chip bagel with blueberry cream cheese. The bagel was very tasty and, again, the texture was great, but I wish there had been more chocolate chips in it. The blueberry cream cheese was fantastic! It made the bagel! It was fresh and flavorful (Antoine agreed), and it actually had chunks of real blueberries in it!! Antoine got a cheese bagel with regular cream cheese and he was very happy with it! He said he liked it better than Bruegger's or Panera's cheese bagels...he said there was way more cheese! For lunch, Antoine and I both got the Dagwood...

I actually got the same exact sandwich I had got the time before...down to the no ham, no tomato and on an oat bran bagel! And like before, delicious and hearty (again, I only ate half of it). This time I got chips to go with it...and I think I will from now on.

Antoine got the Dagwood (with no tomato...a man after my own heart) on a cheese bagel! He devoured his! He also got chips, they had a pretty decent selection!

I would most definitely go back to Skip's again! I love the texture of their bagels and their Dagwood is excellent! And super tasty blueberry cream cheese! Plus, I really do want to try one of their breakfast sandwiches! So, if your in the Mason/Loveland area and craving a bagel definitely give it a shot!

*Update: Yesterday afternoon I had to take one of our students home after she cut off the tip of her finger with our board shear (not a pretty sight, but she's doing okay). Anyway, she lives up near Kings Island, so after I dropped her off I thought to myself..."I think I need a bagel". This time around I went for the blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese!! It was amazing! Not only did the cream cheese have real blueberries in it, but so did the bagel! And they went really well together!!


Anonymous said...

Ew, finger cutting. That doesn't make me want a bagel...


wonderousclusterf#@k said...

But they were completely unrelated!! And at least I didn't mention all the blood, and the part about how I found the tip of her finger by the board shear...oops! Yeah, it was gross! But I had a I needed a bagel!