Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much To Report...

This weekend was crazy busy and crazy fun! I've got so much to post on I don't know where to begin! So consider this a teaser post...aka a taste of future posts to come! Here's your appe-teaser:

  • Paper marbling workshop in Columbus (on Saturday): So fun!
  • A mini restaurant review: another attempt at playing foodblogger
  • A trip to Findlay Market, BBQ, friends, and fun with Cheese: complete with a hilarious picture of the Cheese-ball!
  • A deliciously wonderful recipe: Mmm!
Tomorrow (or Wednesday...since I have the day off tomorrow and might get side tracked by doing nothing/having fun) I'll address the first thing on the list, the paper marbling workshop Antoine and I went to in Columbus! Stay tuned!

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