Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Spoiled!

No wait...Antoine's spoiled. He decided to use up some of his vast amounts of vacation time this week and take off from work Tuesday through Friday. I, on the other hand, have little to no vacation I'm stuck at work!! I'm the type of person who whenever I get 8 to 10 hours of vacation time I NEED to us it and take a day off! Whereas my sixty year old coworker Pat has probably 10 years worth of vacation time and sick time (and this is only a slight exaggeration) because he's ALWAYS here! I figure I can be like that when I'm old, but for right now I'm young and foolish so why not squander my vacation time!? Right!?

Anyway, so Antoine's taken most of this week off from work and he's not working at his part time job until it's just him, the cats, and the Cheese at home getting in all kinds of trouble. Actually, Antoine's been doing stuff around the house (i.e. cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, mowing the lawn, etc) and being an all around great boyfriend! Last night he made me dinner! How sweet is that!?

We're still making our way through our Farm Fresh delivery. Plus we brought back a load of the most delicious chicken breasts from my parents house. So, last night we has BBQ chicken (on the grill with Walt's BBQ sauce), grilled corn and roasted potato wedges! Antoine and I had been discussing what to do with the 5 potatoes (2 large red and 3 small white) we received in our F.F. delivery. Mashed potatoes was definitely the first answer, however there just weren't enough potatoes for my mashed potato recipe. Then, I remembered seeing a recipe on Pioneer Woman for fairly simple potato wedges. I showed the recipe to Antoine and he agreed that they looked pretty easy to make...even though neither of us have ever made potato wedges before.

So, when I got home from work yesterday Antoine was about half way through roasting the potato wedges and they already smelled divine! He took PW's suggestion and added a little balsamic vinegar to the potatoes, along with the usual salt and pepper! So very delicious!!

These are PW's wedges, not Antoine's (I didn't take a picture...silly me!) His potato wedges were more golden brown, the balsamic actually caramelized a bit which was mighty tasty!

I would make them again in a heart beat...errr, I mean, I would have Antoine make them again in a heart beat! Maybe I am the spoiled one!?! Regardless, give the recipe a try...they are pretty darn delicious!

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