Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Back-To-Back Funk

It's just going to be one of those days...I can feel it! I'm coming off of two back-to-back nights at Sbux (i.e. working 7:30 to 4:30 at the library, driving home, changing, then working 5:30pm to 11:30pm at Sbux). Last night, driving home, I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. I was swerving all over the place. Not good! Oh, and the mood I was in (and possibly still in)...two words...stinky/exhausted. Not a good combo. Pile on top of that bad mood and exhaustion: a puppy that won't stop chewing things (ex. we now cannot use either of our laptops since someone destroyed the adapters) and peeing in the house, a long list of things to get done before we head to my parents this weekend, and another Sbux night tomorrow. I'm less than thrilled (to say the least). And trying to stay positive is difficult when you're tired...and when you work 60 plus hours a week and you feel like you barely see your boyfriend, puppy or cats! And when you keep dropping things and forgetting things like you're some clumsy 80 year old woman with huge bags under her eyes!

Maybe tonight will be better!? I've got the Farm Fresh delivery to look forward to...and that enormous list of things to do before we can leave Friday! Ugh. Maybe today will be better and I won't feel like I'm drowning...frankly, I think it's doubtful!

On another note: I want to stay here! Would someone like to give me the money to fly over there and stay! Hell, I'll live there. Or how about instead I just have the same house, boyfriend, puppy, and cats I have now...just no part time job?? That would be super, thanks!


Anonymous said...

:( wouldn't want EXACTLY the same cats, now would you?


dissolvedintosomething said...

True...cats minus Buddy! Although he's been really good lately, since we got Cheese! He's been really quiet and no evil death stares either!