Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farm Fresh Delivery

So, a couple weeks ago I was perusing some of the food blogs I read on a regular basis and I noticed a review/giveaway on wine me, dine me. Julie at wine me, dine me was reviewing Farm Fresh Delivery, a company that offers to-your-door delivery of local/organic produce and groceries. Farm Fresh services Indianapolis and Cincinnati and offers a variety of fresh produce standing orders. The smallest bin they offer of fruits and vegetables is $25, but you must spend at least $35 to get free delivery. I first heard about Farm Fresh on Pasta Queen, and I've been intrigued by the concept ever since. Basically you order a bin, there's small ($35), medium ($42) and large ($49), as well as a just "fruit bin" ($42) and the fruit/veggies/groceries bin ($25), then you decide whether you want an "every week" standing order or an "every other week" standing order. Then they deliver it! The other cool thing is, what's in the bins is based on what is fresh/ripe at that time, but let's say you're bin is supposed to come with beets in it, but you hate beets (like Antoine and I)...well, that's an easy fix!! You can adjust your order starting the Thursday before it arrives. So, that way you can work your bin around your own personal tastes and even around specific recipes that you want to use!

Anyway, back to wine me, dine me's review/giveway! So, when I saw that Julie was giving away a free one-time-only small fruits and veggies bin (which is perfect for 2-3 people and normally costs $35) I immediately entered myself in by leaving a comment! Then I emailed Antoine to tell him that he HAD to enter as well, which he did! And to my surprise, a little more than a week later I was at work and I got a phone call from Antoine! He had just found out that he'd actually won the Farm Fresh giveway, just a day before his birthday (perfect timing)! Pretty neat, huh!?

So, our Farm Fresh delivery is supposed to come sometime tomorrow! We've already altered the order to fit our tastes...i.e. no tomatoes or beets and we subbed peaches for nectarines! And since we have a freezer full of blueberries, we opted for bananas instead! We are super excited to get our delivery and we plan to use several items for dinner tomorrow, provided it arrives in time! I'll report back with a review of Farm Fresh and our free produce Thursday!

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