Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Year Anniversary

As you may or may not know, yesterday was Antoine's and my two year anniversary. Yes, we're the type of couple that actually celebrates stuff like that. Get over it! Anyway, for this anniversary we decided to take our special day off from both jobs and just spend the day together. A whole day off is a rarity for us, so this was kind of a big deal! In addition, we've got our big anniversary trip to Louisville coming up in just two days, but more on that in a later post. Back to our anniversary. We kept it pretty low cards or crazy gifts or anything, just the two of us spending time together.

To start off the day I made breakfast croissant sandwiches. They were pretty tasty! Then we made our way to the butterfly show. We got discounted tickets through, so instead of $12 for two tickets, it ended up only being $6 for both of us. Last year we went for the first time for my mom's birthday. It was fun. This year was pretty much the same; Krohn Conservatory has a great selection of flowers and there were a ton of butterflies in the exhibit. But man, was it hot in there! Seriously, it was so flippin' hot! I thought I was a curry!! It was so hot I made myself sexist! (Sorry for those of you who don't watch Flight of the Conchords and didn't get that!! Actually, no, I'm not sorry! Because, really, you should know that! There's no excuse!). Anyway, here's some pictures I took at Krohn...

Weird funky cactus thing

I love orchids!

Needless to say, I took a crap ton of orchid pictures...

Antoine caught a butterfly using a fake flower

My favorite butterfly (except for maybe the blue ones that you can never get a picture of)

Butterfly stare-down...

I like him!

After the butterfly show we ran down to Findlay Market for some delicious Dojo gelato! We love Dojo...maybe a little too much! We shared a cup of our favorites: Vietnamese coffee and Sea Salt Caramel! Yum! Then, since we were already downtown, we decided to go to the Cincinnati Public library for the pop-up book exhibit, which was pretty interesting (and free!). Then we walked a block up to Servatii's for a pretzel...and what do ya know, Tuesday is buy-one-pretzel-get-one-free day at Servatii's! Score!

Then it was off to Michael's to pick up a poster frame for our sweet, new Shepard Fairey poster! And what do ya know (again) it was 40% off! We were just having all kinds of luck yesterday! Next we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get the rest of the stuff we needed for camping, which included a sandwich maker thingy, a stick for roasting hot dogs/marshmellows, a tarp, and two packages of freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches (and as soon as I picked these up, Antoine said to me, "but you can't eat them now, you have to wait till we're camping" [he knows me so well] response was of course, "how about, on our way to camping?"). After that we made our way to the Melting Pot for some deliciously wonderful fondue! For those of you who haven't been...GO NOW! Run! Hurry! It's that tasty!

After Melting Pot we ran to the grocery store to load up on food for this know, the essentials...marshmellows, graham crackers, hersheys bars, hot dogs, etc. Then we spotted (after a little bit of hunting) this Shepard Fairey mural in Oakley (just behind Boca)...

I really like this one! Now Antoine and I really want to go on a Shepard Fairey hunt and try to see every S.F. mural around the city! Don't be surprised if you see a post like that in the future! We're both pretty intrigued by him and his murals right now, plus we want to see the other ones before anymore idiots go and cover them up! Anyway, after our mural-spotting it was off to Target for a "quick stop" for bottled water. An hour or so later we emerged...but more on that later!

So, that was our fun-filled anniversary day of adventure. But after all that running around, I think I need another day of just cuddling and relaxing in my pjs watching Friends! Alas, it's back to work for me! I've got two days of hell ahead (i.e. working back to back at both jobs; i.e. very little time to see Antoine, pack, or sleep) then it's off to Louisville for us!

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