Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Etsy: Stationary

I have a sudden itch to get a set of stationary. Partly because I like the idea of writing letters to my friends/family. But also because I absolutely hate greeting cards. I hate picking them out, I almost always hate the inane, fake pre-printed sayings in them. But I was thinking, if I had my own personal set of stationary maybe I would get more joy from sending greetings to those I love; in particular "thank you" notes! Namely I'd be more motivated with cute stationary to actually send out "thank you" notes when I should! Here's a selection of personalized note cards that I found on Etsy that jumped out at me:

Slightly hipster-ish, but I like it!

Simple but nice.

There's something so simple and pretty about Queen Anne's lace!

Reminds me of summertime!

Too cute!

I thought this would be cute with a little silhouette of a basset hound...would that be too weird?

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