Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indy Weekend: Part One

Remember that little weekend trip I took to Indy about a week or so ago, you know the one where I visited my lovely HLP? Well, I finally got my lazy ass in gear and uploaded the pictures from said fun weekend in Indy, and here they are!

Amanda (aka my HLP) knowing me oh-so-well insisted on taking me to the Indy public library! I had heard her raving about how super fantastic it was, but I was skeptical! If you're from Cincinnati you know that appearance-wise the Cincy public library leaves something to be desired. Sure, it's fairly massive, has a quality collection, and serves more branches than I can count...but walking into the downtown branch gives one a ho-hum feeling. But Amanda insisted that the Indy public library was like no other public library she had ever seen! And boy was she right!

The library is split into two sections, the older portion (aka the original library) that houses the fiction and two fabulous reading rooms and the newer, sparkly portion that is 6 stories high and uber awesome! The two sections are joined by a massive glass lobby (seen above)!

The main floor of the newer section is occupied by the children's section, known as The Learning Curve. It is by far the most impressive children's section I've seen of any library or bookstore EVER!

The Learning Curve facilitates learning through imagination, resources, and a tactile experience. With a theater, a variety of fun study areas and multimedia areas it's a really neat place to check out!

If you go to the top of the newer portion of the library you can enjoy a panoramic view of downtown Indy.

And, unlike the Cincy public library, the decor and shelving doesn't make you feel like you are stuck in the 1970s.

Although, I was thoroughly ecstatic that they retained some of their original pieces from the good ole' days, like this lovely card catalog.

There's no doubt that the newer section of the library is modern, with it's bright contemporary colors and latest technology, but the original library is something very different. Something arguably even more beautiful!

The older portion retains the original library's high ceilings, ornate design motifs and art deco lighting.

The reading rooms located in the older section are magnificent, paneled in beautiful rich wood.

While the newer section of the library was bustling with people, the older portion was peaceful, more akin to the traditional idea of what a library should be; the perfect place to read.

After we toured the interior of the library and I said "oh my god" about 30 times as we walked throughout, we ventured outside into the cold to take in the exterior of the library.

The newer portion is shiny and massive. The exterior view gives you an idea of what sits inside before you even walk through the doors.

Here's a shot of where the two sections meet! Such dissimilar buildings, but it somehow seems to work!

A view of the main entrance from the original library, complete with strange black donut art instillation.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on my fun little trip to Indy!

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