Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm A Weirdo Who's Found Her Ideal Weirdo!

This is a post about love and about finding someone who accepts you for all your weird eccentricities. About finding that person who actually thinks all those weird annoyances that are just part of your personality are really quite adorable. And about then rubbing all your strange quirks off onto said person (and I apologize if that sounded dirty). When I met Antoine some 2 years and 7 months ago I had no idea that this person was going to be the person that I could be myself around, 24/7. Let me explain.

See, I'm kind of a bit weird. One of the strange aspects of my personality is my affinity to find the "perfect bite". When I'm eating something delicious (or just food in general) I like to save the best bite for last. No matter what I'm eating. I subconsciously save the absolute best bite for last. It's weird, I know. For example, the other day Antoine and I were feasting on some delicious cheese fries from Pleasant Ridge Chili. The "perfect bite" in this case has just the right ratio of cheese to french fry, approximately 75% cheese and 25% fry. I ate my cheese fries, one by one. First I devoured any fries that had little to no cheese on them, then I worked on those that were only half covered with cheese.

[Try not to be afraid of my craziness! I will not harm you, unless you're a cheese fry. Or a cookie!]

Then I got to my last bite with the perfect balance of gooey cheese and delectable fry...*CHOMP*! After I ate said "perfect bite" of cheese fry goodness I obviously made a "Mmmm" noise; it's only natural! And to this Antoine smiled and turned to me and said, "You are MY last cheese fry"! And immediately, my heart melted! I think that might have been the sweetest thing I have ever heard! This statement not only reaffirmed that Antoine considered me to be the perfect person for him (aka his "last cheese fry"), but also, and most importantly, that he embraced my strangeness and had even become a weirdo himself (through my influence)! And I love it! I might be the weird girl who plans out the consumption of her meal based on which morsel is the cheesiest (or the equivalent adjective for that particular dish), but I've got me a guy who accepts and embraces that strangeness!

We're just two weirdos in love

*Please note that I am NOT trying to eat his boogers.  Boogers are not my idea of a "perfect bite"!

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